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We enable you to assess your company’s potential and prepare you to scale up. Use ELITE’s Growth Compass, our digital tool to assess your business.

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ELITE is a programme designed to help private companies achieve their growth plans by providing networking opportunities, access to capital, and management training.

ELITE’s Growth Compass is your digital guide to discover and improve your company’s potential.

A complete and tailored service designed to provide you with strategic insights, competitive analysis of the market, tutorials and real time feedback on your growth-journey. Be part of an international network of companies, peers and advisers.


Whether you are a private company, a commercial bank, an advisor or a business association, ELITE’s Growth Compass will provide you with tools, benefits and services to improve your performances.

Assess the current capabilities of the company and compare against benchmarks

Identify strengths and areas of improvement

Get relevant business insights and opportunities

Key Functionalities

International Network

Make contact, do business, share experiences: be part of an international network of growing companies, peers and advisers.

Strategic Insights

Plan your next steps of growth leveraging on the exclusive support of tailored tutorials developed to give you the best suggestions to improve your business.

Competitive Analysis

Receive a customized analysis based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to map your competitive landscape, your success factors and sectorial challenges.

Compare Engine

Obtain a complete view of your growth-path as well as a comparison between competitors’ performances across the entire ELITE Growth Compass database.

Growth Compass

Ten key factors to score your growth suggesting the areas of improvement. A service designed to provide real time feedback and actionable recommendations.

Use ELITE’s Growth Compass, our digital tool to assess your company. Lead the way to your growth potential.

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