Go beyond MiFID II compliance, and take the opportunity to gain real competitive edge with industry-leading regulatory reporting from London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

Your complete MiFID II reporting compliance solution

MiFID II is nearly here. You should have already started projects to prepare your MiFID II reporting to be compliant before 3 January 2018.

LSEG provides you with a complete MiFID II trade and transaction reporting service through our APA (Approved Publication Arrangement) TRADEcho and our ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) UnaVista. Firms can enjoy the benefits of seamless trade and transaction reporting with one connection, one sales contact, one contract and one on-boarding process.

UnaVista, LSEG's global hosted platform for regulatory reporting, reference data, and data analytics, is the industry's most trusted regulatory reporting platform. We help thousands of firms report billions of transactions, and to stay fully compliant with MiFID II reporting, MiFID II commodities position reporting, reference data reporting, EMIR reporting, MAR surveillance, and more.

ONLINE ASSESSMENT: Understand your MiFID II readiness

MiFID II is your opportunity to gain real competitive edge - with UnaVista from London Stock Exchange Group. Evaluate your readiness for MiFID II compliance with our quick interactive assessment tool, and generate your personalised MiFID II Readiness Report - outlining your status and any areas of weakness on which you may need to focus.

Maximise your MiFID II opportunity

LSEG not only helps firms to be fully compliant, but also to use reporting information to improve business processes and gain competitive edge. We believe that your organisation should treat MiFID II reporting as an opportunity. This is a chance for you to bring together and view all of your firm's transaction data, across all asset classes, through a single platform - and leverage that data to gain critical insights and make informed business decisions.

Our UnaVista platform has unrivalled management information tools that enable firms to dive into their data, and understand trends and common errors. It also provides anonymised peer-to-peer analysis and industry benchmarking.

MiFID II is an opportunity. Make the most of it with LSEG's UnaVista.

Discover how UnaVista helps the buy-side address their MiFID II issues.
LSEG's Maryse Gordon provides an introduction to the UnaVista MiFID II reporting solution.
Check your firm's readiness for MiFID II reporting go-live.
TRADEcho, LSEG's APA service is directly interlinked with UnaVista for a unified view of all your MiFID II reporting compliance requirements.
2 billion transactions are reported via UnaVista every year for MiFID II, more than any other ARM
First market-launched and most mature MiFID II reporting ARM capabilities available - only with UnaVista

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