Environmental, social and governance reporting


Investors are increasingly focused on:

Issuers' Business Risk And Ability To Leverage Business Opportunities

Clear And Accurate ESG Reporting In Line With Good Practice

Integration Of Material ESG Issues In Business Strategy

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Our ESG Guidance

Through our 8 criteria, our guidance aims to help companies gain a clear understanding of what ESG information they should provide and how they should go about providing it

ESG-related information has moved from a 'peripheral' to a 'core' part of investment analysis across all asset classes

Evidence indicates that issuers who publish high quality information on the longer-term implications of ESG for their business are more likely to attract and retain long-term investors

Evidence suggests that issuers reduce the cost of capital and increase their ability to raise new capital to finance sustainable projects if they report ESG effectively

According to a recent survey only 7% of investors believed companies were able to quantify the business value of sustainability initiatives accurately. Stand out from the crowd and follow our guidance.

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