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What is an LEI?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a global reference number that uniquely identifies every legal entity or structure that is party to a financial transaction, in any jurisdiction. 

The establishment of a Global LEI System is critical to monitoring systemic risk. Global, standardised LEIs enable regulators to more effectively measure and manage counterparty exposure.  For example, the European Securities and Markets Authority have mandated the use of LEIs for the regulation of derivatives.

LEI - Our Role

London Stock Exchange have over 20 years experience in validating and maintaining data, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your data is in capable hands. 

Our hosting and reconciliation platform UnaVista began issuing LEIs in 2013.

What are the benefits?

  • All global LEI data in one place, in a consolidated, downloadable file.
  • Accuracy and reliability, with a consolidated database ensuring all LEIs are cross referenced to avoid duplication.
  • London Stock Exchange’s continued participation in Pre-LOU and international standards working groups ensures we have the most current subject matter knowledge.

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What are the Costs?

There is an initial allocation cost of £90+vat and annual maintenance cost of £65+vat per LEI. For firms who require a bulk allocation of more than 10 LEIs there is pricing based on economies of scale.

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