SFTR: Is delegated reporting right for your firm?

Find out why you should choose delegated reporting for your SFTR reporting, and how UnaVista can help.

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SFTR FAQ: Insights from 10 Experts

Find out the opinions of UnaVista’s SFTR Partners on the most frequently asked SFTR questions.

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European Regulatory Reporting for a Global Audience

Recent European financial regulations have global implications. To meet their obligations under the new regulatory regime, non-European firms need an action plan.

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ESMA on Proposed Amendments to SFTR Technical Standards

SFTR represents a good opportunity to create a better reporting framework – and lessons from previous regulations tell us that early preparation is the best strategy for reporting firms.

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Moving on to SFTR with Confidence

SFTR covers activity that has never been reported before; and the regulatory landscape will be inevitably changed after it goes live. Discover 6 reasons to prepare for SFTR now.

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The Journey to SFTR Transaction Reporting Compliance

Firms need to start building their SFTR delivery team to fully assess the project requirement ahead of time – and pick a Trade Repository with advanced data quality tools.

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Regulatory Reporting and Big Data – What Next?

For SFTR, big data can support oversight of risk, but only with the right analytics – creating a challenge for regulators and an opportunity for market participants.

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Implementation Strategies for SFTR

Preparing for SFTR implementation now can improve your firm’s understanding of the requirements, give more time for UAT testing, and help ensure you meet the go-live date.

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Data is Key

Quality data is essential for SFTR readiness. To prepare for the new regulation, reporting firms should be looking at their processes and where their data comes from.

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7 Differences Between SFTR and EMIR

Explore the key differences between SFTR and the existing EMIR regulation, in terms of the scope, asset classes, content and reconciliation of transaction data.

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7 Similarities Between SFTR and EMIR

Firms trading in securities can start preparing for SFTR by looking at the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) for similarities in the reporting obligations.

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Is SFTR the New EMIR?

SFTR, just like EMIR, is the product of enhanced supervisory activity in the European Union, in the aftermath of the financial crises. See how the two regulations compare.

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Focusing on the Implementation of SFTR

What aspects of SFTR implementation should your firm start to focus on now, and what challenges will you face? We ask Steven Holland, SFTR Product Manager at UnaVista.

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