Give your firm the flexibility to report for SFTR and other regulations in the way that suits you best. You can connect directly to UnaVista’s trade repository or use our Rules Engine to get the data in the right format. But our Collaborative Reporting options also give you the option to use your existing infrastructure to report. Choose an approach that suits your business and delivers the greatest efficiencies and best results.

Three collaborative reporting options are available to your firm, each with their own unique benefits. Select the model that fits your firm’s needs best:

Select the type of reporting you’d like to explore


Delegated Reporting

You can add value for your clients by offering them Delegated Reporting for SFTR – an easier way for them to comply with the regulation. Providing a Delegated Reporting service is simple and economical.

Technical router

If you are connected to a service provider who stores all of the data required for SFTR reporting, you may be able to benefit from UnaVista’s Technical Router service.

Assisted reporting

We are working with CCPs, trading venues and data providers to make the most of the data you already store with them. Assisted reporting can reduce the set up requirements for your firm, improve matching and still ensure you have control over your reporting.

Assisted Reporting for your clients

You can add value for your clients by offering them Assisted Reporting, which will improve the accuracy and efficiency of their reporting. This approach can make clearing more attractive to your clients and prospects.

Here’s how it works:

UnaVista ingests your transaction reports to fulfil your obligation to report. Our Rules Engine can then ‘flip’ your half of the transaction report to create a version of the report from your client firm’s perspective. UnaVista will then be able to automatically pair and match the trade, which avoids trade mismatch.
You may can also provide the required transactional and margin reports on your client’s behalf via the same process. However, as the reporting firm, they retain full responsibility for the reports and ensuring their accuracy.

Assessment: Find your SFTR reporting model

Take our 2-minute online assessment to find the ideal SFTR reporting setup for your business. Answer a few quick questions to create a customised SFTR report outlining key considerations and solution modules to fit your needs.

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